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Drive RELIABILITY with early issue detection & preventive maintenance.

Increase AVAILABILITY with OEM backed issue resolution.

Improve PERFORMANCE with diagnostics and recommendations.

NES-WES Asset Performance
Management Center

NES-WES Asset Performance Management Center

The Asset Performance Management Center is capable of proactively monitoring, reporting, and viewing the analytics of our entire Jenbacher fleet between both Northeast and Western Energy Systems.

Capabilities NES-WES Technical Support Team with the use of advanced technologies allows us to investigate, troubleshoot, collect data, generate resolutions for trips, and alarms displayed across our Jenbacher fleet. Doing so gives us the capabilities to ensure engines continue to run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible providing our customers with an exceptional level of support.

about myplant

myPlant, INNIO's cloud-based platform allows for a new level of insight into the performance of your industrial assets, including reciprocating engines, driven equipment, and balance of plant. myPlant helps maximizing your gas engine performance through:

Reduced maintenance costs Trip avoidance via remote management, early issue detection and resolution, and condition-based maintenance

Lower operating costs Centralized fleet-level access to data, reduced manual data-logging, increased mobility, and automated reporting

Increased reliability Faster return to service and lower unplanned downtime

OEM expertise Easier Access to INNIO's experts, who are available to support your product performance needs

about myplant

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Northeast-Western is excited to announce the expansion of myPlant! 

Utilizing the myCoBo expansion we are now able to harness the power of myPlant to your entire facility.  You now have the ability to remotely monitor, trend and diagnose your Hot and Chill water loops, Steam production, gas compression as well as all other generator manufacturers. 

For additional details on how myCoBo can help you, please contact anyone of our Asset Performance team members at APMC@NES-WES.COM 


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