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Removal, Installation & Commissioning

Whether it's an install for a new-build, a removal for maintenance, or commissioning of a new motor, generator or pump, our decades of experience will ensure consistent productivity.

We will evaluate the condition of the mounting skid, the coupling, the electrical system and anything related to the system that could compromise the performanve of the packaged unit and recommend a plan of repair.

Your electric motor, generator, or pump will then be repaired to better than new condition using exacting standards like EASA, NEMA, IEEE, ISO, IEC, ANSI-ASMEB73.1, API 610, DIN 24256, and UL-NFPA20.Units will be run tested with vibration measurements captured in a controlled environment.

Alignment to engines & driven equipment

Alignment is a critical part of any successful preventative maintenance program, as misalignment is responsible for a large portion of damage to rotating electrical equipment.

Tight machine tolerances and precision bearings require proper alignment to minimize vibration and premature failure. Excessive vibration from misalignment is carried through to components such as bearings and couplings that reduce their lifespan and reliability.

Coupling failure, bearing failure and catastrophic machine failure due to rotating components contacting non-rotating components can be minimized through proper alignment.

Our laser alignment tools produce reports that can be compared to readings obtained at scheduled maintenance intervals to identify excessive movement in coupled machines.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is the science of monitoring vibration patterns of motors, pumps and generators, and then predicting their maintenance needs.

Our factory-trained and certified vibration analysts can help pinpoint the cause of premature failures through trending vibration patterns. We can then correct the problem, whether it is a worn bearing fit, a needed laser alignment, a field or shop balance of the rotating assembly. Our field balance units work on any motor or generator that has exposed end rings on the rotor and our in-house balancer can balance rotating assemblies up to weights of 25,000 pounds.

Field balancing

Unbalanced rotating machinery is a major cause of machine failure or malfunction, as a lack of balancing puts unnecessary stress on the bearings, shaft, and bearing supports.

Northeast-Western Energy Systems will perform field balancing anywhere you need us to - at your facility, on your vessel, or offshore location - on motors and generators that are deemed out of balance through vibration analysis trending.

Our factory trained and experienced field service technicians, paired with our state-of-the-art field balance equipment, can handle all of your field balancing needs - and minimize your downtime while allowing for operation immediately after the balance is complete.

Reducing vibration can reduce the stresses to equipment, chances of premature mechanical failure and extend the mechanical life of your rotating equipment. Some motors or generators are not candidates for field balancing due to sealed endbells or limited access to rotor end caps.

Thermal imaging

When you develop your maintenance program to avert costly failures on your offshore locations, vessels and facilities, it is critical that you include thermal imaging as a monitoring technique to extend the life of your electric motors, generators and electrical systems.

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic method that is performed while your equipment is running under normal operating conditions.

Northeast-Wester Energy Systems experienced field service technicians utilize state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to detect temperature rises on bearings as well as temperature rises on electrical connections to identify loose terminal or soldered connections. Once completed, we provide you with recommended repair scenarios to correct the issues.

PMA inspections

Northeast-Western Energy Systems provides Planned Maintenance Agreements (PMA) testing that can help improve reliability, ensure the best return on asset value, decrease costly downtime and decrease catastrophic failures. The lifespan of a motor or generator can be optimized using the trending data and information obtained from a quality piece of test equipment and a highly trained technician. Northeast-Western Energy Systems can trend the condition of AC induction, synchronous, wound rotor, DC motors and their associated circuits.

We track and trend 6 major fault zones, all are monitored, measured and recorded for trending and analysis purposes:

  • Power Quality
  • Power Circuits
  • Stator Windings
  • Rotors
  • Insulations
  • Air gaps

Preventive maintenance programs

  • If your bearing is in poor condition and needs to be replaced, Northeast-Western Energy Systems carries a large inventory of factory direct bearings in stock
  • Babbitt bearings are reconditioned and reinstalled in a timely manner for quick turnaround and minimum downtime. All bearing housing fits are measured and compared to EASA standards
  • In addition to bearings, our technicians can also do coupling installations, inspections, replacements and verification of thrust on motors and generators. By removing the end bells in the field or vessel, we can inspect or change any roller, ball or split roller bearing

  • Whatever type disaster you endure, we have the right people and test equipment to quickly determine the correct course of action to save you from further damage
  • Having an intelligent concrete plan of action in place in the event of disastrous events is crucial to maintain productivity and performance
  • After serious events, Northeast-Western Energy Systems can go immediately once the danger subsides to:
    • Meg your motors, generators, cables & electrical systems
    • Perform dry-outs at generators and other electrical motors
    • Determine the extent of damage
    • Put together a plan of action to get you back up & operational
  • Northeast-Western Energy Systems performs root cause analysis of failed rotating equipment to prevent future failures and to maintain equipment reliability. A true root cause analysis RCA requires a study of the entire system that encompasses the failed equipment. It is not just about pinpointing the failure; it is about determining if another component in the system contributed to the failure

  • Load testing is a critical step in the maintenance regimen of a generator. It not only proves the generator's operation, but also tests the integrity of the engine and its supporting systems
  • From 240 VAC to 13,800 VAC Northeast-Western Energy Systems can perform resistive reactive load test necessary for:
    • NFPA 110 testing and exercising requirements
    • Optimal diesel engine performance when an emergency outage occurs
    • Optimal gaseous fueled engine response in an emergency outage
    • To duplicate capacitive/reactive loads within your facility
  • Northeast-Western Energy Systems will help keep you compliant with our trained and experienced service technicians


  • Our team of field service technicians can perform a clean in place a full field inspection and evaluation will be done prior to cleaning
  • Remove the majority of grease and debris from your industrial generator with our low-pressure, high temperature portable steam cleaners and non-caustic soap
  • Perform bearing inspections, labyrinth seal inspections / replacement and lubrication surveys
  • After the generator cleaning, we will run your unit in dry out mode to remove the remainder of the moisture
  • The final testing includes insulation resistance, static testing, and operational testing

Stamford ® Alternator Service Guide

Maximize the life of your STAMFORD® alternator by following the recommended scheduled service and repair activities in this easy-to-understand guide. Activities include:scheduled service and repair activities in this easy-to-understand guide. Activities include: Commission, Post Commission 250 hours/6 months, 1,000 hours/1 year service, 10,000 hours/2 year service and 30,000/5 year Service Kits for the following models:

  • P0/P1 Alternators
  • UC22/UC27 Alternators
  • HC4/HC5/HC6 Alternators
  • P7 Alternators
  • P80 Alternators
  • S Range