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Financial Solutions

Northeast Energy Systems and Western Energy Systems understands flexibility, recognizes each customer's unique needs. We are able to adjust for, evaluate, and provide careful analysis of facility, site concerns, load factors, power and thermal usage, environmental considerations. Our team has the experience to assist in these evaluations and development of feasibility studies. There are no "one size fits all" answers when it comes to energy efficiency, security, operations and maintenance. We work through your requirements and recommend best solutions. These might be outright purchase or working with a key NES-WES developer partner.

Finance solutions are likewise unique and customers require options:

  • First, we fully understand customers have “core” businesses which are their primary focus. Every customer has a need for power and thermal. We can solve for this!
  • Second, we fully recognize customers typically do not want to be in the “power” business. We can solve for this!
  • Third, we routinely provide financial solutions. These can range from outright purchase for a balance sheet, capital leasing programs, or arrangements with key developer partners whom provide Power Purchase Agreements or Energy Service Agreements. We can solve for this!

Regardless of the financial structure NES and WES provide tailored Long Term Service Agreements ("LTSA"), potentially with operating capability. NES-WES LTSA can focus on power generation equipment only or complete CHP or DG integrated systems. We combine either with remote monitoring and responsive field service to ensure your CHP and DG systems remain operable and cost effective.

Energy savings and energy resiliency are mission critical to your ongoing success. Don’t let financing stop you. We will customize equipment and financial solutions which meet your unique requirements.